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The cannabis plant has existed for thousands of years. It's been used globally for medicinal and recreational purposes for as long as we've been able to trace it. As it continues to come out of the shadows, there's tremendous opportunity to research its capabilities and really understand how to extract and utilize the best compounds of the plant.
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Leveraging science to create the next generation of cannabis products, our team of researchers and scientists are committed to being at the forefront of purpose-driven product innovation, unlocking the plethora of solutions cannabis holds for enhancing and elevating our lives.

Purity & Quality

Utilizing top-level genetics to identify and develop the best, most effective cannabis phenotypes, our commitment to quality begins at the molecular level. From our rigorously selected seeds and strains to the purity of our concentrates, we leverage advanced technologies and cutting-edge systems to control the entire product ecosystem from seed to solution.

Onset & Dosing

As the cannabis industry transitions into a new regulatory and legal landscape, Flora California is taking a proactive approach to consumer safety. With the aim of bringing measurable consistency to onset and dosing, our concentrates and extracts are produced with clinical precision. Utilizing advanced, medical-grade extraction and distillation systems within an integrated operational network, our products are formulated to deliver safer, more reliably consistent effects at a level exceeding current industry standards.

Research & Development

In pursuit of new answers to the most important questions surrounding cannabis consumption, Flora California is firmly grounded in technology and data-driven research. Utilizing deep analytics and integrated, automated internal systems, our approach to product development provides 360 visibility that brings new value to consumers and the understanding of cannabis.
Our team is passionate about enhancing the lives of others with the natural extracts of the cannabis plant. We are compelled to bring the benefits of cannabis to consumers with consistent, intuitive and purpose-drive products to help them live happier and healthier lives.

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