The Ideal Environment
For Large-Scale

As the crow flies, just seventeen miles from the Monterey Peninsula, you enter the Salinas Valley. Here, there is fresh coastal air coming up over the mountains, the water is clean and the climate is ideal for farming. In fact, over 60% of the leafy greens consumed in America are grown in this valley, making it the perfect place to realize our vision. With a focus on extracting the best compounds from the cannabis plant, our purpose is to bring health and wellness solutions to consumers.
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Sq. ft. of state-of-the-art,
Full Spectrum Indoor grow
Sq. ft. of manufacturing
Sq. ft. of dedicated nursery
Lbs estimated annual yield

Fully Integrated and automated systems allow the best of indoor
and outdoor benefits, all within a controlled environment


In our quest to create the worlds best cannabis products, we developed a proprietary cultivation process. It starts with the year-round sunshine of Salinas Valley, a natural abundance of water and the finest seed stock and cultivars in the world.

These natural elements are then introduced to the controlled climate of our Full Spectrum Indoor grow facilities, where light, air, nutrients and other variables are carefully regulated by our team to ensure consistency, purity and quality.

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Indoor

Combining the best of nature and science to create
the ideal environment for growth
Lab Cannabis

On-Site Extraction
& Production

Driven by the goal of creating the cleanest and purest cannabis products, our on-site extraction and distillation facilities are among the most advanced in the world.

Utilizing advanced bio-extraction and distillation technologies, our integrated post-production systems empower us with clinical precision and process efficiency to produce a broad range of pure, premium-quality concentrates at commercial scale. These are rigorous, tech-driven processes that ensure not only incredible quality but safer, more consistent dosing and onset across our entire product line.


From high-quality flower to purified concentrates, we offer a full spectrum of industry-leading capabilities all under one roof, enabling us to create a wide array of premium products as well as developing new and original solutions that bring health and happiness to peoples lives through cannabis.


Starting with carefully selected phenotypes chosen for quality, cannabinoid content and specific effects, we cultivate a broad range of flower strains and varieties. From bright, citrusy Sativas to deeply sweet Indicas and perfectly balanced Hybrids, our smokeable flower is grown to be appreciated and enjoyed.


Our industry-leading post-production facilities enable us to create a whole range of consistently pure, high-grade concentrates and extracts at scale. From oils to isolates, dabbables, diamonds, sauce, shatter, and more, nothing leaves our lab unless its 92% pure.

Consumables & Topicals

From edible confections to beverages and topicals, our advanced Wiped Film Distillation systems allow us to isolate and purify cannabinoid compounds with exacting precision. The ability to produce the purest extracts of CBD, CBN, and CBG as well as Delta-8 & Delta-9 THC ensures safe, reliably consistent dosing and onset in everything we make.
Fusing top-level genetics, science, biochemistry, agronomy and analytics, we are one of Californias most advanced seed-to-solution cannabis companies. Our approach merges a passion for the plant with a philosophy that puts consumers first. Combining nature and technology with care and craft, we create cleaner, safer cannabis products setting ourselves to the highest quality standards.

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