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A Large-Scale, 100% Vertically Integrated
Seed-to-Solution Cannabis Company
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Always born from the flower, our mission is to deliver the highest quality cannabis through our state-of-the-art cultivation operations and purpose-driven product innovation which promotes happier and healthier lives for all. It's our commitment.

Company Culture:?
The 4 Pillars

We see our business as a catalyst for helping people live richer, more fulfilled lives, all through the power of cannabis. The Four Pillars frame our vision and purpose-driven approach for creating the most loved and trusted cannabis products in the marketplace.


Flora California was established to create the best with the best. To achieve that aim, weve assembled a uniquely-qualified team of proven leaders and experienced specialists. From our cultivators and scientists to our seasoned operations and management teams, we are a diverse group of experts, analysts and leaders carefully selected to cultivate a culture of excellence, expand our capabilities and grow the companys reach, potential, and impact.


Cannabis makes life better. As a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, its known benefits are significant. From the myriad medicinal applications to its unique therapeutic effects, cannabis has the power to enhance and elevate our lives. This simple truth guides our entire approach. Utilizing a proprietary, research-driven production process, we are committed to creating the industrys cleanest, purest and most trusted cannabis products for one singular purpose: to improve peoples lives.


For thousands of years, people all over the world have been using cannabis both medicinally and recreationally, yet scientific understanding of the plant is in its infancy. We want to bring cannabis cultivation out of the shadows, to shine the bright lights of research on this ancient, medicinal plant and learn everything we can to find new ways of helping people live fuller, more enjoyable lives.


With an ever-expanding range of premium cannabis products carefully crafted for specific applications and effects, we are dedicated to developing the new and the next; the safest, purest, and most effective cannabis solutions on the market. Driven by cutting-edge science and technology, our proprietary manufacturing processes ensure that every Flora California product delivers consistent dosing and reliable onset at a level exceeding current industry standards.

leadership & operations team

Coleman Kane
Chief Operations Officer
CEO & President of Marcom Central, Executive at Jenny Craig
Kevin Lawrence
Vice President of Sales
20+ years as a Senior Sales Leader and Strategist for retail & financial technology solutions with $485 million in revenue generation.
Nancy Scholink
Director of Human Resources
MBA. 25 years of leadership experience in Human Resources, mainly in the healthcare industry. Served on the California state board for Human Resources
Bridger Morgan
General Manager of Greenfield Cultivation
10+ years in Cultivation Management and Cultivation Design. Head Cultivator 2+ years Bloom Phoenix, Arizona. Head Cultivator 4+ years Reef Dispensary/Tryke) Las Vegas, Nevada

Fully Licensed.
Totally Transparent.

A certified, state-of-the-art California grow facility
Badge Flora
Clone/Mother plants
Badge Flora
13 small mixed-light
(up to 10k sq. ft. of
canopy each)
Badge Flora
Type 7 - Allows all extraction & infusion methods
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Full Distribution License
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Full Delivery License*
(*in process)

Setting A New
Standard To Lead
The Industry

As an essential consumer safeguard and for the betterment of the entire cannabis industry, we are committed to regulatory compliance across all areas of our business.

Our team knows how to successfully operate in a strict compliance environment. Our practices, policies, and procedures are transparent and adhere to, reflect, and even exceed all state laws and regulations. Our internal systems and processes are built with tools that are powerful and dynamic; adaptable to the ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape of the cannabis industry.

FLORA CALIFORNIA is a 100% vertically integrated
operation from seed to solution
Empowered by proprietary systems that enable us to control the entire ecosystem from seed to solution, we create premium cannabis products at scale. Thats what sets us apart. From our talented team to innovative, industry-leading production to the purity of the final product and our unwavering vision to create a healthier existence, we aim for the exceptional in all we do.

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Flora California is perfectly positioned to cultivate market-share gains and sustained shareholder value over the long-term.