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Job Summary:

The Groundskeeper-Janitor Worker performs work in the maintenance, care, and modification of our grounds and landscapes which includes the operation of electrically-powered and gasoline-powered groundskeeping equipment and machines, and the use of small hand and power tools or equipment in planting, cultivating, and trimming grounds and landscaping. In addition to groundskeeping, the Groundskeeper/Janitor also performs maintenance on groundskeeping equipment and tools and makes minor repairs (within demonstrated capability) as directed. The Groundskeeper/Janitor may be asked to change light bulbs, paint walls, make minor carpentry, plumbing, and electrical repairs as needed. He or she will provide janitorial services as needed outside of our janitorial service.


· Maintain facility shops, working areas, and tool and equipment storage areas in a clean and orderly manner

· Repair machinery, equipment or structures through dismantling, assembling and rebuilding including replacement, removal, installation or fabrication of new, used or refurbished parts

· Perform preventive maintenance on machinery, equipment and structures including but not limited to cleaning and lubricating parts, shafts, bearings, gears and other machinery, equipment or structural parts

· Performs daily and periodic tasks in assigned areas as directed

· Operate and utilize machine tools including but not limited to power lift, power washer, lathe, grinder, drill, saw, milling machine, cutting torch, and welding equipment to repair or fabricate parts, fixtures and tools

· Responsible for maintaining grounds on a daily basis: Pick up and dispose of site trash

· Ensure site beauty and safety awareness by looking for and reporting faulty items requiring repair and maintenance and reporting to the appropriate individual if needed

· Prunes, trims, weeds, plants, waters, and performs general grounds maintenance including trash pick-up and may need to apply chemicals as related to general landscaping

· Moves trash to dumpster whenever needed

· Keeps grounds clean and orderly

· Maintains appearance of all company properties

· Other groundskeeping and janitorial duties may be assigned


· A minimum of 2 years of experience in groundskeeping and/or maintenance required

· Working knowledge of groundskeeping principals and power landscape equipment

· Must be able to adhere to safety procedures to do physical risks

· Requires frequent lifting, moving, carrying, pushing, pulling of over 50 lbs

· Requires frequent standing, walking, stooping, kneeling, and crouching

· Work involves exposure to unusual elements and extreme temperatures

· High school diploma or equivalent

· Forklift experience highly preferred


Cannabis Curing Specialist

Job Summary:

Reporting to the Post-Production Manager, the Curing Specialist is responsible for executing his or her daily role within the department at an effective pace with accuracy to achieve the weekly objectives. This role is responsible for a variety of duties to organize and process dried cannabis flower. Individual will work closely with our post-production team ensuring the drying and curing process is within specification. This position includes assisting in coordination of moving dried product as needed for packaging or bulk sale. Quality assurance responsibilities are of utmost importance in this role as curing is more than a step in cultivation, it’s an art form.


· Ensure product is dried and cured properly, remediate product as necessary, and properly store flower to its optimal humidity and temperature to prepare it for the next phase of processing.

· Daily checks on humidity-controlled environments allowing for natural moisture to evaporate slowly, so the buds don’t become too dry.

· Ensure product being stored for 3 to 7 days is cured properly in special airtight containers and if needed use humidity packs to ensure proper humidity levels are achieved

· Support the communication and secure transport of dried product from the Cure Barrel Room to hold area for product testing.

· Daily quality assurance review of product on consistency, humidity levels, smell, and overall grade for each size and strain. Communicating concerns with leadership of the department for grading of the product to missorted or unsatisfactory dried cannabis product.

· Take instructions and follow direction as delegated by leadership to meet daily and weekly team production and quality standards.

· Maintain a clean and organized work environment and follow all sanitization procedures.

· Other duties as assigned, including, but not limited to assisting other departments to help facilitate the additional and/or supplemental work, such as trimming, packaging, and cleaning.

Qualifications & Skills:

· One year of work experience in related industry or work environment.

· Experience working in a fast-paced production environment preferred.

· Demonstrates ability to consistently meet productivity and performance requirements.

· Demonstrates high attention to detail.

· Demonstrates professional and respectful demeanor towards others. Demonstrates respectful verbal and written communication capability.

· This position is expected to perform duties at a highly productive and efficient pace consistently.


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